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Bro. Lorenzo Pollard, Minister



Founded by Lorenzo & Cheryl Cohen-Pollard

Established in 2007 in honor of Robert Birdsong, Jr and in loving memory of Andrew E. Rusiecki, we believe that all should have the opportunity to follow their hopes and dreams, regardless of adversity. We hope to help students in doing so through monetary assistance funding education! 

Our goal is to one day provide full scholarships to our students.  

To date, we have provide $ in scholarships and educational funding.

Our Mission

Reach Out and Bless Someone (R.O.B.S.) is dedicated to developing leaders within the churches of Christ who are committed to serving both their church and their community. We seek to enable and encourage student commitment to active life-long learning, personal and spiritual values, responsible citizenship and community involvement.

Our Vision

“Identify and assist the next generation of leaders in funding their college education” 

1. Provide undergraduate scholarships specifically to members of churches of Christ. 

2. Raise funds to facilitate renewable scholarships. 

3. Pay tribute to Robert (Robbie) Birdsong, Jr and Andrew Rusiecki 

4. Cultivate relationships between those who are older in the faith with those who are younger.

Scholarship Application

Welcome to the graduating class of 2020 Academic year!
Application Deadline: May 6th, 2020

Our committee is proudly comprised of our beloved Lorenzo Pollard, Cheryl Cohen-Pollard, Kaleesa Dorn-Ruseicki, Sabrina Morris, Tamara Birdsong, Valeria Jennings, Charlene Johnson, Janeen Martin Tessia Harmon, and Bay Vista Church of Christ Trustees.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our vision.

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